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Poetry Pals would like to provide you a few testimonials of how the Poetry Pals Learning Center has impacted the lives of children, parents, teachers and schools.
Rhymes have taught Gavin (autistic) to sight-read books and he has transferred words to other text. Wonderful program! David Higbee

My son Spencer is a 6-yr old autistic child that has a very limited vocabulary. We were blessed after purchasing the Poetry Pals series; our son memorized each book and now actually "reads". We had never heard his voice for more than three words in a row and now he recites the entire series to us. Thanks! What a great tool you have given us to learn more about our wonderful son! Joe Lundgren

A great asset to my classroom! The children enjoy naming the characters in the books. Lupe Salinas

The children like the poem stories and illustrations. They want me to read the books over and over. M. Salinas

The stories are age appropriate and the books are very durable. The kids really enjoy them. F. Gonzales

Not only are the size of the books perfect for my students' little hands, but the text is simple, the books are sturdy and the illustrations are lovely. Gloria Garza

After watching the video, the children were able to make the books come alive. Acting out the voices when we read the books. We love them and I feel I made a very wise investment. Heritage House School

The Poetry Pals Learning Center brings focus to our classrooms. The Pre-K teachers of FWISD have enjoyed the added attraction of the tree in their library/book center. The stories are terrific vocabulary builders for the students. Candy Channell, Fort Worth ISD

I just bought my third Poetry Pals Reading Centerfor each of my grandchildren. There is nothing more important than our children learning to read. Congratulations on a great product that creates interest in young children to learn which in turn develops great self-esteem. Davie Jones

Poetry Pals is terrific. My sons are 2 and 4 years of age and love the entire system. The first night, my 2 year old slept with all 14 books in bed. Great testimony - Thanks alot! Ross Frick

I just wanted to let you know how much my children have enjoyed their Poetry Pals books. From the moment we put the tree on the wall they have not stopped looking at the books. They also enjoy being able to take them out and put them back in on their own. This has honestly been one of the best things that we have purchased for our children. We have 2-year old twins and a 5 year old. They enjoy the books because they are small enough for their hands and the colors and pictures keep their attention. Thanks again for a great learning system. Laurie Geer

My 6-year old son has autism and we have had good success with integrating your books into his daily routine. It's making a big difference. My 8-yr old also loves to help her little brother with this task! Holly Venhaus

It is so exciting working with my son with your materials. I am a former Reading Recovery teacher and this learning system is great! Jennifer Thomas

My husband and I bought the Poetry Pals program for our 22 mo. Old son and it is already proving to be one of the best investments for his future. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product for our children. Stephanie Walton

We just purchased your Poetry Pals learning system for our 3 yr old son and we have to tell you the great news! He has been speech delayed and had never spoken over 3 words at a time and has been in speech therapy for over 6 months. Since he has been playing with your learning system, we were awestruck when he came to us with one of your books and not only did he speak more than 3 words, but he opened the page and recited the entire first sentenceꠠ "There was a little turtle swimming in the sea and up came an octopus and grabbed him by the knee." My husband and I looked at each other with amazement and couldn't wait to tell his speech therapist of this wonderful news. We have since showed her your wonderful learning system and we thank you so much for this great tool that is assisting our son to not only learn to speak, but is giving him confidence in his reading abilities. This is absolutely the best! Rebecca and Sim Orr

As a parent I could not ask for a better learning tool. I cannot wait for the next set of books and video to come out, so I can continue to watch them learn to read and watch with amazement. Thanks for creating such a unique and effective learning tool. Linda Caldwell

My daughter Cassidy loves her Poetry Pals. I have seen an improvement in her vocabulary and she knows what rhyming words are now. Cassidy will watch the video and "read" along with each story and she feels very successful. As a teacher I know it is giving her the building blocks to be a successful reader when she does go to school next year. Michele Fulfor

Darby loves guessing what book will be read next. She now is keeping up with the video, running her finger along the words. I hope you will be coming out with additional books and videos. Mary Angle

Alyxzandria really likes being able to put the video in and read along in her books without parental help. It builds her confidence and makes her feel big. R. Mackinaw

It's an exciting experience for us to watch our son enjoying and learning with such a wonderful program. Thank you for Poetry Pals. A. Bacigalupo

Megan loves taking the books in and out of the tree on the wall. She also loves the coloring book and has colored almost every page. I like how the product grows with the child. The stories are great. We enjoy reading them very much. The stories are just the right length and keep my daughter's interest from start to finish. Deborah Garth My son has really enjoyed this learning system. He spends 20 minutes a night looking at his books before bed. These give us a nice selection of bedtime stories without boring my son with the same book. Fred Schramm

We have created a "learning center" in our playroom with the tree as its focus. Every day she asks to watch her "book video". She thinks she is such a big girl because she can follow along with the reading. My husband and I are thrilled with the ideas you offer on the back of the books too. It gives us an opportunity to spend quality time with herᬫing and teaching. Mark and Shannon Thornton

Our son loves Poetry Pals! He sits in my lap and reads to me - even the more difficult words and he's not even 3 years old yet! He is so proud of himself when he puts the puzzle together and he loves the video & coloring book. Morgan Foster

We think Poetry Pals is wonderful! My son is only 9 months old and he loves for me to play the video and turn the pages on the book with him. Bryan gets so excited about reading with this system and thank you very much for allowing us to be a part of your family through reading. C. Roberts

Lindsay really loves it. Her dad is absolutely awestruck at how it keeps her attention and how well she can follow the books. Jennifer Stembridge

The interaction with the kids is great! There is a strong motivation to read. Diane Bonham

Brenden is only 5 months old - he loves them all. All of the books hold his attention. He gets so excited when its time to read. The Sexton Family

Coleman, 4 years old, loves to remove all the books from the tree and sits in the living room and reads them to me. After he reads a page he holds the book up to show me the pictures. My entire family loves Poetry Pals. Angela Mitchell

Garrett in only 2, and he is very interested in books and reading - he loves to take the books out of the tree and put them back - he always repeats the last word of each sentence of the book we are reading. Mike Gallagher Our children love the books & the video & especially the puzzle. My 20 month old loves the finger holes in the back and works the puzzle daily. Tracey Coontz

Our children love their Poetry Pals learning center so much, it makes them feel like they can read. It has helped their listening skills. They also take very good care of their books. Lloyd Eubanks

We were very impressed by how quickly she picked up how it works and how excited she gets when she turns to the right page. Darla Jackson

My 2 year old is always wanting to read now. That is so wonderful. My 8 month old will just sit and listen as I read to them. It's wonderful. Randolph Family

The kids love to follow along in their books as they watch the video - even my 22 month old goes & seeks the correct book. It's Great! The Riley Family

Our 18-month old, Mackenzie can now return the books to the proper space on the tree. I believe she enjoys the video so much because of the children's voices reading the books. Sammie McBeath

Chandler is very excited and watches the movie with books over and over. He is excited about sharing with his older brother and friends. M. Marone

Both my children love these books; even my 1 yr. old-she loves to turn the pages. My 3 yr. old will sit and watch the video and read the books over and over. She is so excited to "read". Patti Jensen

The children love the books so much and it builds their confidence for reading. It has also helped their listening skills a lot and they take very good care of their books. E. Bransom

Our son really loves his books and feels so "BIG" to be following along with the video. He is learning in leaps and bounds. Dawn Adcock

Saeya loves her book tree and her mother loves the fact that the books are virtually indestructible! We also like the lessons on the back of the books. Saeya has no problem finding where the books go, due to the decal stickers and puzzle shapes. Haylee Esparza

My children love the stories; they're cute and thoughtful. Also, I like how the books fly back to the tree when you are finished reading, teaching my children to be responsible and put their things up. B. Hamilton

Our children love how the video shows them which books to get and how to read them and they are now in control of their own reading experience. Cindy Brown

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