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Little Ben Backpack Set 1


This literacy backpack set includes the Poetry Pals clear vinyl backpack with the 1st Set of Seven poem story boardbooks and corresponding interactive read-a-long video.

Now with 7-inch Little Ben puppet

Description & Use

These wonderful interactive backpack sets are great for parent/child interaction while learning vital literacy skills. Book titles and character education themes (located on the back of each book) included in Set 1 are as follows: 

  • My Puppy: Responsibility And Caring For Pets 
  • Baby Bird: Acts Of Kindness 
  • Swimming Turtle: Stranger Danger 
  • Honey Bee: Nature's Providing Way 
  • Froggy Dreams: Dreaming Is Fun 
  • Busy Butterfly: Dealing with Rejection 
  • Ole Mister Moon: The Wonder Of The Heavens

On the back of the video cover, the sequence of the books are listed as they are being read on the video.

Each Parent Involvement Lending Library Kit also includes the teacher's master copy of the Poetry Pals refrigi-reader reminder which is an encouragement and reminder card for the parent to place on their refrigerator. This card provides questions and comments to assist the parent with their child's learning opportunity. 


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