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Poetry Pals Puzzle Fun & Coloring Book Set

Nature shaped pop-out puzzle and 35 page coloring book $9.95

Nature shaped pop-out puzzle and 35 page coloring book.

Description & Use

The Coloring Book
There is a 2-page spread with all of the nature characters and their names to enhance character recognition and vocabulary skills. The coloring book can be used as a seek and find book for children to locate the different nature characters in their coloring book.

The children characters of the Poetry Pals neighborhood are not named purposely. There is a 2-page spread in the coloring book with each of these children characters, which allows the children and parents to name them themselves, thus becoming a part of the Poetry Pals world.

The Puzzle
The puzzle is designed for eye to hand coordination and hidden hand dexterity skills. Each of the puzzle pieces can be popped out from the back using the finger holes. After the child becomes familiar with the puzzle, they should be encouraged them to pop the different pieces out while looking at the front of the puzzle. Also, the perimeter puzzle pieces are easily placed back by shape only whereas the inside or center two pieces (star and flower) require both shape and image skills to correctly place them back. This advances the child's puzzle skills beyond shape only.


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