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Interactive Literacy Learning Center - Complete Set

Interactive Literacy Learning Center $149.95

Includes Tree Wall Unit, all 14 poem story board books in carrying cases, coloring book, natured shape pop-out Puzzle, 36 minute interactive read-along video and 8 inch Little Ben Hand Puppet.

Description & Use

The Poetry Pals Interactive Literacy Learning Center comes complete with:

  • a tree bookshelf organizer,
  • all 14 puzzle shaped poem story boardbooks,
  • an animated read along video,
  • 2 carrying cases,
  • a coloring book
  • a natured shape pop-out puzzle, and
  • an exclusive "Little Ben" hand puppet.

The tree bookshelf organizer is a perfect mini-library and interactive reading center that provides children with a fun and unique reading experience, developing and expanding their vocabulary as well as teaching organizational, responsibility, visual matching and shape identification skills. 

  • The learning center tree mounts directly to a wall in the home or classroom and doesn't take up any of your floor space. The tree may also be mounted on a board to make it portable so that it can be moved from one room to another. 
  • When a child takes a book off of the tree, it leaves an image of the main character in the slot, so that the child knows where to place the book back on the tree. 
  • Each of the books are a different shape and only fits in its corresponding slot, making the tree a big puzzle. 
  • There is a total of 14 reality-based poem story boardbooks on the tree and the character education theme and small lesson plan is found on the back of each book. 

There is also an animated interactive read-along video that visually and audibly reads each of the 14 books. Eleven of the 14 books are read by children and three of the books are read by our host Angee Hughes (who is Wanda on the children's television series "Wishbone"). 

  • When each book is introduced on the video, it glows and gently tumbles from the tree, which signals the child to remove that particular book from the tree. The words are highlighted as they are read and the rhyming word glows a different color. The pages turn visually, signaling the child when to turn each page. After the reading of the book, it then visually tumbles back to the tree, which again signals the child to return their book where it belongs. 
  • This process repeats itself until all 14 books have been read, which provides 36 minutes of interactive reading. 
  • Of course, the learning center is a very effective tool with or without the video interaction. 

Also included in the complete learning center, along with the tree, 14 books and interactive read-along video, is a nature-shaped pop-out puzzle and a reproducible coloring book.


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